Los Angeles: Ethiopian Christians and Churches who live in different parts of Canada have donated financial resources to Rift Valley Vision International (RVVI). In his visit to Canada, Ato Tessema Lodebo, the executive director of Rift Valley Vision International, has met with the Ethiopian christian community in Canada. In during his stay he has reported to the community what Rift Valley Vision Program is doing in Ethiopian. He has also shared major achievements and breakthroughs the program experienced in God’s kingdom work.

The evangelical Ethiopians living in Canada have expressed their appreciation they have to what the RVVI is doing and praised God for the achievements. They also have expressed their excitement with the report they heard and have expressed their interest to work with Rift Valley Vision Ethiopian. In line to this the involved parties have discussed and explored possible areas of collaboration. Going forward, all involved have promised to stay in contact and take the conversation to the next level.

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