About Us

Rift Valley Vision International (RVVI) is a nonprofit missionary and charity organization registered in California that primarily operates in the Great Rift Valley area of East Africa. Currently the program’s focus is on Ethiopia. In Ethiopia it collaborates with local evangelical churches and actively works together with the churches to spread gospel and deliver the good news to the un-reached segment of the society.

In parallel to sponsoring and sending missionaries, the program also sponsors and directly implements participatory community development projects to improve the living condition of the community. In all its endeavor the program strives to demonstrate God’s love and care to the community which it serves.

Rift Valley Vision International is an interdenominational program. It was established and formally registered to operate in Ethiopia on January 2001 AD. Since its inception, with financial support obtained from World Vision Ethiopia (WVE) and other donors, the program has sent 124 missionaries to different parts of Ethiopia where the community dwelling in that area by and large didn’t get the chance to hear God’s message of love and salvation through Christ.

Rift Valley Vision International was conceived in a spiritual revival that was kindled when missionaries financed by few dedicated believers started to bring multitude of non-believers to Christ. The spiritual awakening was so great that a lot of new churches were being planted every now and then. Being encouraged by this wave of revival those who were at the forefront of the movement expanded their vision and vow to take the revival to neighboring East Africa neigbouring countries; particularly to those countries which lie on the path of the East Africa Great Rift Valley. Hence the name Rift Valley Vision was given to the new vision.

Observing the fruit of the mission and its potential, in August 2000 AD Evangelical Churches Fellowship of South Ethiopia (ECFSE) – a coalition of Evangelical Churches that operates in southern Ethiopia – officially endorsed the vision as part of its evangelical operation. That gave the movement desperately needed organizational support.  However, through all this consolidation process Rift Valley Vision has kept its own independent board and legal existence.

In 2001, the vision opened its first office in Hawassa – the capital city of the southern federal state. After the formal consolidation, Evangelical Churches Fellowship of South Ethiopia for the last 13 years, have overseen the progress and fruit of the vision. It is with great joy that the vision counts the blessings gained and incredible results achieved through out the year.

On 2011 the moment to expand its resource base and harness the blessing that the Ethiopian diaspora can offer in terms of  knowledge, experience and finance, the vision has opened its first international office in United States. The vision is officially and formally incorporated registered in California.

Rift Valley Vision International is strongly committed to the great commission our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gave us. We believe in a holistic approach of bringing, planting and nurturing of the lost lambs of Christ. The vision is more than willing to work and partner with any one who have the passion for the lost.


Rift Valley Vision International